[GNC] Duplicate Trading Account Created in V4.5

Mike Alexander mta at umich.edu
Sun May 2 01:34:34 EDT 2021

On 24 Apr 2021, at 19:02, John Ralls wrote:

> Thanks for reporting this. Mike is right, it's a mistake in the fix 
> for Bug 798093. I think I've fixed it and pushed the fix so it will be 
> in tomorrow's nightlies for Microsoft Windows and Flatpak at 
> https://code.gnucash.org/builds/win32/maint and 
> https://code.gnucash.org/builds/flatpak/maint.
> Please test.

I did and there still seem to be a few issues.  Since my reply became 
long and detailed I added it as a comment to Bug 798093.  It is probably 
better to continue the discussion there.


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