[GNC] [MAINT] Unplanned network outage. again.

Derek Atkins derek at ihtfp.com
Mon May 10 11:55:38 EDT 2021

Hi All.

You may have noticed a 22-hour network outage of gnucash email/wiki/git. 
It's all back now and should be stable going forward.

Long Version:
Yesterday around 1pm an Amazon truck decided to flay my (temporary) fiber
line.  You may recall that my network went out a couple weeks ago.  The
way my ISP performs the repair is a 3-part journey:
1) A tech comes to run a temporary line to get me up and running
2) A crew comes to deploy and bury a new service line
3) Another tech comes to connect the new service line

When #1 happened they ran the line across the driveway.  This isn't too
surprising.  Then #2 happened a week or so ago; it was actually perfect
timing with some landscaping we were doing.  Then I was waiting for #3 to
happen.  It was, apparently, scheduled for this Wednesday (May 12), but of
course I didn't know that until yesterday when I was enjoying some music
and the Amazon truck drove up my driveway, then back down, and the music
stopped.  OOPS!  I called yesterday but they only made a note.  So I
called again today, got a really nice call-center agent in Eastern Europe
somewhere, and she got me set up with an appointment from 4-8pm today. 
Then about an hour ago they called me to ask if they could come "now", and
I said "YES".  A short time later they arrived, connected the new service
line, and then all my stuff came up on its own.  So we're back, and should
be pretty stable until the next significant power hit or a tree decides to
take down something well off my property!!

Happy Gnucashing.  And sorry for the inconvenience.


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       derek at ihtfp.com             www.ihtfp.com
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