[GNC] How to Find... account

Paul Kinzelman paul at kinzelman.com
Tue May 11 16:52:35 EDT 2021

I've read thru the documentation about find and have a couple of questions
to which I can't find the answers in the docs...

Every time I go invoke Find, it comes up with the Refine current search
option set, not New search,
and I'm wondering why this is if I haven't done a previous search since 
I started
gnucash? Why wouldn't a new Find start out with New Search by default?

To do a Refine search, does the previous search have to be displayed in 
a tabbed
window or does it remember the previous search somehow? And why even have
that option when you can just do another Find while focused on the search
results window of the previous search?

More specifically, I don't understand the difference between 'Account' and
'All Accounts' as described in the documentation and I'm confused by
the d and e footnotes.

If I have an account open (like Visa) and I'm searching for a
transaction with the Expenses:Computer account in Visa, if I do:
Account | matches any account | Choose Accounts... Expenses:Computer
nothing will be found. But if I do
All Accounts | matches all accounts | Choose Accounts... Expenses:Computer
the transactions I want *are* found. Why is that?

In other words, footnote 'd' implies to me that
the Account I specify there merely establishes
the account in which I want to search, but then how do I specify the
'Transfer' account entry for which I'm searching within that account?

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