[GNC] Read-only transaction

coolnodje coolnodje at gmail.com
Thu May 20 05:03:57 EDT 2021

   Just found out how to find gnucash.trace from doc at
   However, there's no logging happening when trying to delete or edit
   this RO Transaction.
   I'll give a try at increasing log level to DEBUG.

   On 20/05/2021 10:21, Christopher Lam wrote:

   Try right click and select "jump to associated invoice". If this
   doesn't work then attach the relevant tracefile.

   On Thu, 20 May 2021, 4:03 pm coolnodje, <[2]coolnodje at gmail.com> wrote:

        I have this odd transaction that I can't fix or delete. I'm met
        the following error message when trying to delete it:
        This transaction is marked read-only with the comment: 'Generated
        an invoice. Try unposting the invoice'.
        I've reviewed all invoices but I couldn't find a one with a
        to the transaction in question.
        Is there any way to bypass, or solve this read-only status?
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