[GNC] Possible Ubuntu problems/"Transparency" problem

Eric Coates TwistedWood at talktalk.net
Sun May 23 09:16:49 EDT 2021


Following on from my earlier note:

I have done a complete rebuild of Ubuntu 21.04 (to replace my 
incrementally upgraded system) and I can report that, for me at least, 
the "transparency problem" can be removed by using Gnome Tweaks (aka 
Tweaks) to change the Applications theme (under Appearance) from Yaru to 

And, for what it's worth:

Under the renewed system the Euro symbol is available from the 
English(UK) keyboard using AltGr+4 without the need for the 
English(Colemak) keyboard;

It is possible to select multiple icons for copying, moving etc;

The flashing/jittering behaviour is no longer apparent  but can be 
induced by switching off the Animations option under the general tab in 

However, Tweaks can be a bit erratic in its behaviour but a little 
discipline can be restored by minimising and then restoring the window.

Take care


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