[GNC] Decimal separator on MacOS Mojave 10.14

Yves Forget yves_forget at yahoo.ca
Mon May 24 22:41:52 EDT 2021


I just upgraded from MacOS 10.13 High Sierra to 10.14.6 Mojave.

Since upgrade, GnuCash uses the period instead of comma as decimal separator.

All existing transactions are shown with 123.45 instead of 123,45 and when entering new transactions I need to use the period as decimal separator.  Also, I get an error when GnuCash tries to apply a scheduled transaction (since scheduled transactions were created with comma as decimal separator)

I checked settings in GnuCash : Preferences/Account/Default Currency shows Canadian Dollars.

The settings in MacOS seems to be correct also : System Preferences/Language and Region is set to Canada and the money example is 4 567,89 .  Clicking Advanced, the decimal separator for both numbers and money is set to comma (default value for Canada).

Other software (OpenOffice) uses the comma as expected.

Any hints ?


Yves Forget

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