[GNC] GNUCash & Macros

Jack Frillman jcf_m_lists at me.com
Wed May 26 18:53:42 EDT 2021

Okay, that's what I thought.

On 5/26/21 11:14 AM, Derek Atkins wrote:
> HI,
> On Wed, May 26, 2021 11:09 am, Jack Frillman wrote:
>> I have repetitive task I do every day and I would like to reduce the
>> number of steps to do that task.
>> More specifically I import stock/mutual fund and precious metal prices
>> from a CSV file. Currently I go through the multi-step process the GUI
>> walks you through. This is easy enough but I can be ultra lazy at times
>> and would like to execute that import process using a macro if possible.
> Thank you for explaining what you'd like to do.  Unfortunately, no, there
> is no way to automate those processes in the UI.  The closest thing you
> can do is write some scripts (in Python) to do the work.
> -derek

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