[GNC] Asset account, "Type" column

Oliver G. Parker ogp at deep-green.co.uk
Wed May 26 07:13:55 EDT 2021


I'm new to this list and am a fairly new user of GnuCash. I am not an
accountant but am using the software to manage my company finances. I am
trying to do most of the book keeping myself so I can hand stuff on to my
accountant in a good state of readiness for him to produce full and formal
accounts, thus saving his time and my money.

I have a large quantity of data entered into GnuCash but am struggling with
my 'Recoverable Costs' account. I run a lettings agency and if I spend
money on behalf of a client then the amount is listed as a 'recoverable
cost' in this account, which is then charged on to the customer.

One of the headings at the top of this account is "Type", and for each
transaction it will have either a "?", "P" or "I" in it. I can change these
by clicking on them but they sometimes won't change back and there seems to
be a relationship between these and other transactions elsewhere in
GnuCash, whereby some of the transactions in the 'Recoverable Costs'
account when given a particular "Type" then can't be changed elsewhere.

At the moment this is a nuisance as I have some transactions which now seem
to be fixed and not changeable. However I understand that this
functionality probably relates to an accountancy practice and if I
understood what was going on then I could make it work to my advantage.

Is anyone able to help me by posting a link to an explanation of what is
going on? Thanks!


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