[GNC] Transparent background on selected Transfer choice

David G. Pickett dgpickett at aol.com
Fri May 28 18:01:25 EDT 2021

How do I force the install of a higher version than Software Updater allows?

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 Good Morning All  
 Hi David (dgpickett at aol.com) + Eric (TwistedWood at talktalk.net),

Can you please test the fix Geert found in
and let us know how you go?

Can you reconfirm the Linux distro and version too please so I can document
in the bug.

Regards, Chris Good

 I'm running Ubuntu 21.04 with GnuCash 4.4 with Finance Quote 1.49.
  I created the file    $HOME/.var/app/org.gnucash.GnuCash/config/gnucash/gtk-3.0.css  and added in Geert's snippet. I was then able to choose the Yaru theme and the transparency issue was not apparent. I can also confirm Geert's assertion that the Adwaita theme is not affected. Thanks to all those who took time to investigate and fix this problem.
  Take care Eric 

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