[GNC] Transparent background on selected Transfer choice

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> I never warmed to flaptak or snap with their huge repositories of historic files, or compile your own, which means you are off the standard update stream.? (I have compiled personal fixes into many distributed packages, know my way around configure and all that, but I should not have to go there to get basic good operation of current code.)? I wanted an update on the standard update stream.
> The last bug report suggestion does fix it, so it could be distributed with 3.8b and possibly other versions to fix this.

Hi David,

I don’t understand your reticence to use flatpak. In my opinion, it is a wonderful way to be able to keep up with latest fixes and features, and also be able to run a specific older version if there is an issue that makes the latest and greatest no good for your situation, as occasionally happens. Admittedly, there are some known issues with flatpak, see https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Flatpak#Known_Issues

3.8B as in Ubuntu 20.04 repository is from Dec 2019.
There will be no re-release of such an old version.
It may be possible to ship a fix for this problem with the next 4.6 release, but I’m not sure there is a mechanism that would enable an update to an existing gtk css file.
Also, doing so may causes problems for users of other themes.

Regards, Chris Good

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