[GNC] Question about Profit-Loss Report

Howard M. Fried cursorsci at gmail.com
Mon May 31 10:10:39 EDT 2021

I have several invoices that were issued in 2020 but paid in 2021. 
These funds are not included in a P&L report for 2021, apparently 
because the report is based on date of invoice issue, or have I missed 

Is it possible to get the 2020 Sales that were paid in 2021 into the 
report for 2021?  Simply extending the Report date range backward is not 
a solution because many invoices that were issued and paid in 2020 will 
be included.  Or am I to include unrealized assets for 2020 as profit, 
like the P&L report does (I have no accounting, financial, or legal 
experience in such matters).

Thank you for considering,
Howard Fried

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