[GNC] New Imbalance-XXX Behavior

D. sunfish62 at yahoo.com
Mon May 31 10:33:39 EDT 2021


I have noticed a new behavior in regards to the automatic creation of entries to Imbalance-XXX (in my case,  Imbalance-USD).

When I first started using Gnucash, I found the creation of a top level imbalance account to be additional unwanted clutter to my Chart of Accounts. I found, by sheer coincidence, that I could move the top level account into a different area of my CoA (in my case, a top level placeholder called Special Accounts, which includes a number of these types of accounts), and Gnucash would use that newly-situated Imbalance-XXX account for all new automatically-created imbalance entries.

Alas, this is no more. In my most recent session, I have found that Gnucash has decided that it must ALWAYS use a top level Imbalance account for these entries. I find the concomitant clutter of my books annoying. 

This is disappointing. Does anyone know why this behavior has changed, and is there any point to submitting a bug request to have the previous behavior restored?

David T. 
Gnucash user since 2005
Current: GC 4.5 on Windows 10


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