[GNC] New Imbalance-XXX Behavior

DaveC49 davidcousens49 at gmail.com
Mon May 31 23:23:17 EDT 2021


I'm not sure why the behaviour has changed, but from a programming
prospective, it is much simpler to create the imbalance accounts at the top
level. There is no need to search for a location which may be different in
every user's CoA. One reason perhaps for keeping it at the top level is that
it sticks out and alerts the user they have made an error in a transaction,
which is perhaps a benefit for new users, although annoying for those who
have an established workflow which takes care of detecting errors anyway

If an older version of GnuCash was able to create new imbalance accounts in
a lower level position in the account heirarchy, then it had to be recording
that location in the heirarchy that the Imbalance account had been shifted
to after its initial creation at the top level in some manner. 

It should not be too hard to have a preference setting for the Imbalance
account location and if a user shifts an Imbalance account from the default
location, set that preference location to the location in the CoA the
account is moved to and use that for subsequent creation of Imbalance
account entries.  I can imagine that some users could want to have Imbalance
accounts for different currencies in different locations which would require
a preference location for each currency in use.

Just requires someone to program/reprogram it.

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