[GNC] Moving Sub-Accounts???

Doug lemans4 at internode.on.net
Mon Sep 6 00:09:26 EDT 2021

First, I am a user, not an X-pert!

 You can easily move accounts by editing them. (This lets you select where they go).

 You can set up a placeholder account first, so you can attach accounts under that placeholder.

 If you want to move all transactions from one account to another, set it up as a sub account first. 
Then delete the account & the transactions move to the account above. (I think this is undocumented, so use at your own risk!) 
this is good when you want to combine accounts.

 Sounds like you are a new user. Keep in mind that you can use maths to split deposits: this is useful where you split amounts into known amounts (eg 1/3rd)
 I find this useful where tax amounts are split into personal & tax claimable for instance.

(btw, download the documentation package: there is a LOT of useful info there!)

good luck!
(long time Gnucash user that fumbles along!)

On Sat, 4 Sep 2021 14:57:42 -0400
"Nora" <nora at story-lines.ca> wrote:

> Hello All
> Is it possible to move income sub accounts to other "place holder" income
> accounts.
> I want to change the hierarchy and regroup AFTER I've set it all up. 
> Thanks again!
> Nora
> Ps
> I tried a transfer of 'income'  monies to the "new  income sub-account" but
> it didn't let me. 
> THX.
> Nora
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