[GNC] How to enter a missed transaction in the Account Register Display

David Sauder dave.trustee at unexpectedwildliferefuge.org
Sat Sep 11 19:02:57 EDT 2021

Thank you David.  It worked!  I must have spent hours in the "Help" part 
of gnucash and I couldn't find a clear direction. Then again I'm not 
very computer savvy.


On 9/11/2021 6:48 PM, David H wrote:
> Just enter it with the date in July it was made - you can change the 
> "Date" column from Today's Date - either click the down arrow or just 
> highlight that date and type over it.  When you press enter to commit 
> the transaction it will slot it into the correct date order.
> Cheers David H.
> On Sun, 12 Sept 2021 at 08:35, David Sauder 
> <dave.trustee at unexpectedwildliferefuge.org 
> <mailto:dave.trustee at unexpectedwildliferefuge.org>> wrote:
>     I missed entering a transaction in the Account Register Display.
>     There
>     have been eleven transactions in the Account Register Display
>     since the
>     missed transaction.  How due you enter this missed transaction?  It
>     needs to be entered between the July and August transactions. How
>     can I
>     enter a new transaction at the end of July without having to
>     delete all
>     of the August transactions and having to start over with the August
>     transactions?
>     Thank you.
>     Dave
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