[GNC] Calculating interest rates

William Prescott will at theprescotts.com
Mon Sep 13 11:26:51 EDT 2021

Maybe not the most efficient way to do it, but it sounds trivial to iterate through the days of the year, calculating and crediting the interest every day based on the daily balance (incremented on days with a deposit). At the same time keep a running sum of the daily interest, then use your formula with the sum of all the interest payments.

Not something GnuCash could do, but easy with ruby/python/perl/php or any other language. Even excel/numbers could do it with a row for every day.


On 2021 Sep 13, at 09-13 09:46:40, Steve Hill <steve at nexusuk.org> wrote:

Despite much Googling I haven't been able to find anything explaining how to calculate this...

I know:
- The balance of a savings account at the start of the year;
- The amounts and dates of payments into the account; and
- The amount of interest paid at the end of the year.

I want to calculate the percent of interest received, assuming that the account compounds daily.

If there were no payments into the account it would be easy (interest_amount/start_balance=interest_percent), but I can't figure out how to take account of irregular payments into the account throughout the year.


- Steve
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