[GNC] import csv transactions with split

David Solet dsolet at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 23:13:05 EDT 2021

My version = 4.6 (Windows). I want to import a csv file with split
transactions. The following text lines from the csv file represent one
transaction (not real) that took place on 9/19/2021. This is a simplified
example. An actual transaction would likely have more splits. Column heads
are in the first line. The first line starts with a "," because the first
column head is blank--that is not a typo.

After examining previously exported csv transactions with splits from my
gnucash file, I assumed date needed to be in the first line only. I
attempted to import this as one transaction with multiple splits. I checked
the multi-split box and identified:
acct = account
depdate = date
amt = deposit
customer_id = description
descr = memo

I am hoping screenshots are not scrubbed. The import preview screen looked
like this:
[image: image.png]

After choosing next, I linked the account field with existing accounts. The
account "a1net" is the bank. "dues" is membership dues (type = income).
"fees" is credit card fees  (type = expense). However, at the Match
Transactions screen, my choices did not complete as expected. All of the
splits showed as "New, UNBALANCED...". The screen looked like this:

[image: image.png]
I will point out that there are three separate splits that are linked to
"Membership Fees" and three linked to "Credit card fees PRS" in this one
transaction. a1net is the net bank deposit. I want to preserve that level
of detail for documentation, and that kind of detail can be preserved when
transactions like this are manually entered. Is it possible to do this with
a csv import? Thank you for your help.
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