[GNC] import csv transactions with split

David H hellvee at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 15:36:55 EDT 2021

Got it. Glad you got it sorted out.

Cheers David H.

On Tue, 21 Sept 2021 at 02:27, David Solet <dsolet at gmail.com> wrote:

> David, thank you for your response. That is not the problem, since there
> is a screen where one links the name of the account in the csv
> file--whatever it is--with the actual account in gnucash. However, I found
> the problem; it is with the content of the csv file. In my csv file, a
> value for customer_id (linked to gnucash's Description field) is on every
> line. Description needs to be on the first line only. Also, in my file, a
> value for descr (linked to gnucash's Memo field) is on every line. It needs
> to be on every line *except* the first line. With those changes, the import
> worked exactly as I wanted it to. I'm leaving this response in case this
> comes up for another user.
> David
> On Sun, Sep 19, 2021 at 9:41 PM David H <hellvee at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I don't use the csv importer but it seems to be complaining about not
>> having a transfer account - "New, UNBALANCED (need acct to transfer
>> $($$$.cc))!  While you do have a text description in the account column
>> when I do a csv import in gnucash format the account names are in the full
>> format eg "Expenses:Credit Card:Fees".  Does that help ?
>> Cheers David H.
>> On Mon, 20 Sept 2021 at 13:14, David Solet <dsolet at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> My version = 4.6 (Windows). I want to import a csv file with split
>>> transactions. The following text lines from the csv file represent one
>>> transaction (not real) that took place on 9/19/2021. This is a simplified
>>> example. An actual transaction would likely have more splits. Column
>>> heads
>>> are in the first line. The first line starts with a "," because the first
>>> column head is blank--that is not a typo.
>>> ,acct,customer_id,amt,descr,depdate
>>> 1,a1net,a1custtl,155.28,cus_JwZTuBkST5GCko_7/29/2021,9/19/2021
>>> 2,dues,cus_GtJPUDZyyQ,-40,cus_GtJPUDZyyQ_8/14/2021,
>>> 3,dues,cus_IuTPxTysqQ,-40,cus_IuTPxTysqQ_8/1/2021,
>>> 4,dues,cus_JwZTuBkST5,-40,cus_JwZTuBkST5_7/29/2021,
>>> 5,dues,cus_K2IckcwXuD,-40,cus_K2IckcwXuD_8/13/2021,
>>> 6,fees,cus_GtJPUDZyyQ,1.18,cus_GtJPUDZyyQ_8/14/2021,
>>> 7,fees,cus_IuTPxTysqQ,1.18,cus_IuTPxTysqQ_8/1/2021,
>>> 8,fees,cus_JwZTuBkST5,1.18,cus_JwZTuBkST5_7/29/2021,
>>> 9,fees,cus_K2IckcwXuD,1.18,cus_K2IckcwXuD_8/13/2021,
>>> After examining previously exported csv transactions with splits from my
>>> gnucash file, I assumed date needed to be in the first line only. I
>>> attempted to import this as one transaction with multiple splits. I
>>> checked
>>> the multi-split box and identified:
>>> acct = account
>>> depdate = date
>>> amt = deposit
>>> customer_id = description
>>> descr = memo
>>> After choosing next, I linked the account field with existing accounts.
>>> The
>>> account "a1net" is the bank. "dues" is membership dues (type = income).
>>> "fees" is credit card fees  (type = expense). However, at the Match
>>> Transactions screen, my choices did not complete as expected. All of the
>>> splits showed as "New, UNBALANCED...". The screen looked like this:
>>> I will point out that there are three separate splits that are linked to
>>> "Membership Fees" and three linked to "Credit card fees PRS" in this one
>>> transaction. a1net is the net bank deposit. I want to preserve that level
>>> of detail for documentation, and that kind of detail can be preserved
>>> when
>>> transactions like this are manually entered. Is it possible to do this
>>> with
>>> a csv import? Thank you for your help.
>>> David
>>> _

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