[GNC] Investment Portfolio Reports Question

Gyle McCollam gmccollam at live.com
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I've had the same issue it rounding my 5 decimal holdings to 2 decimals.  I was told that if you select OK, it rounds to 2 decimals in v4.6, but if you just hit enter it leaves it as you entered it.  That works for me, although I do think that needs to be fixed.

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Using GNUCash 4.6

I manually update my mutual fund closing price daily for the
investment/advanced portfolio reports.  My report preference is set to a
4 decimal number, as that is the format my bank supplies.  However, when
I update the price, these reports round the price value to 2 decimal
value, causing the report to display a much different value of my fund
holding than is reported by my bank.

Is there a preference or option I am missing to ensure the report
remains as non-rounded 4 decimal value ?  I am unable to find a
reference in the help guide.

Thank you for your help.

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