[GNC] Set up GnuCash to track monthly net income considering taxes and pension fund contributions

Fred Bone Fred at mandfb.me.uk
Sat Sep 25 12:31:23 EDT 2021

On 25 September 2021 at 9:06, Robin Chattopadhyay said:

> You can achieve the ad-hoc nature of a templated transaction by setting
> the frequency of the scheduled transaction to 'Once'.
> Set up your scheduled transaction, set the frequency to 'Once', run the
> scheduled transactions/Since Last Run option, fill in the variables, then
> proceed.
> The next time you want to run that specific template, edit the scheduled
> transaction by changing the start date and running the scheduled
> transaction process again.

I'd add that though this sounds clunky, once you're used to it it's quite 
convenient. I have several such, with moderately complicated 
calculations, with up to five input variables. Getting Gnucash to make 
the calculations is a lot less hassle than doing them in a spreadsheet 
and then transcribing a bunch of separate amounts into a bunch of splits.

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