[GNC] Equity account changed to Trading Account

davidcousens49 at gmail.com davidcousens49 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 18:49:51 EDT 2021


>From your description it would appear you are using the notes field to stor a
link to an external file descriptor. GnuCash has had a facility to associate a
URL for an external file to a transaction (Menu-.Transaction->Manage Document
Links and Transaction->Open Linked Document in V4.6). This allows you to link a
file (PDF or image of e receipt for example) to a specific transaction and open
it from within GnuCash).  You can also set a path header in the preferences so
all your linked files are stored in a single directory (can be a subdirectory of
a folder with your data files in it )

Not sure if this will work on your retyped Equity account but may be worth a
try. The range of the available account types displayed in the edit procedure is
set by the account type of the parent account in the edit account process Can't
guarantee it will work but worth a try. In the Edit Account process try setting
the Parent Account for the trading account to "New top level account" and then
try changing the account type back to Equity and then reset the parent account
to Equity. 

David Cousens

On Sat, 2021-09-25 at 17:17 -0400, Alton Brantley wrote:
> I have an equity account which I use to record notes about purchases by
> storing the file name as the note in the split and it always has a zero value
> so it sorts to the middle of the splits. 
> Sometime in the past couple months, this account became tagged as a “Trading”
> account even though it and all of the transaction splits are in USD. 
> I tried to create a new tracking account, and to delete the Trading account by
> moving the transactions over, but that wasn’t allowed. 
> At this point, I cannot add transactions to the account and I don't want to
> delete the transactions. 
> I can create a new Equity account and change the account manually one by one.
> This would be a slow process(10+years) or I could use the new account going
> forward and just correct this year’s entries. This may have happened when I
> upgraded to 4.6, as I only do this process quarterly. 
> I have never used Trading accounts for any reason as I don’t use foreign
> currency. 
> Any ideas appreciated 
> --Alton Brantley
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