[GNC] table header alignment in easy invoice and customer reports

James Thorpe James at fusionsystems.co.za
Thu Sep 30 11:34:02 EDT 2021

I've just migrated from an old 3.5x version to 4.8 and copied across my 
saved report configurations.

I have two - my invoice and customer report based on the "Easy Invoice" 
report with "Easy" stylesheet and "Customer Report" also with "Easy" 

The problem is that for some reason the customer information in the 
report which is in the header in the left hand column, is not left 
aligned any more.

I exported to HTML to see what was going on and the problem is that the 
table containing the customer information has its margins set to "auto". 
This means that it is effectively centred in the table cell that wraps it.

On the Easy Invoice report I can add some custom css:

.client-table > table {width:100%;}

This fixes it there but there is no custom css option for the "Customer 

That one also exports with the table definition as follows:

<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="0" 

Does anyone know where I can hack the source somewhere that causes this 
table to be given these auto margin properties?

(or if there's a cleaner way of doing it, I'm all ears)


James Thorpe
061 476 2775
James at fusionsystems.co.za

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