[GNC] Monterey

Colin colinfarndt at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 17:02:34 EDT 2021

I’m sorry to report after installing Monterey Beta 8 yesterday, GnuCash 4.7 / 4.8 now shows a new bug.

Any window is completely black, save for the window bar at the top (with window name and window controls). This includes the small welcome window as it launches, the main program window and any popups. It makes the program unusable.

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> I'm currently running it on Monterey beta 7 on my 2017 MacBook Pro,
> seems ok.   It's only become usable with the latest release of GnuCash
> 4.7/4.8 - prior to that I only ever got a very small window with a black
> background and a title bar that was twice as long and was unusable.
> Cheers David H.

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