2022-04-26 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:27:07 <Vafa> I had to purchase "Quicken starter" to find out why I wasn't able to connect to Wellsfargo. I want to share my experience with others to make community stronger.
10:27:21 <Vafa> I know the conversation here is not searchable to public. So where is best place to share?
10:29:50 <Vafa> I found 3 issue that was preventing me from connect.
10:30:00 <Vafa> 1.Using guest account that I create and tried to use on my wellsfargo profile. They not allow guest user to access this protocol.
10:31:24 <Vafa> 2. Activation is needed through a wellsfargo.com/fmssetup while the two factor auth. is off
10:32:53 <Vafa> 3. We have to use account number in a user name field in User setting tab.
10:35:04 <Vafa> Forgot that there is a forth one, 4. The working application setting is not listed in OFX dialog. It has to be : Application ID:QWIN, Application Version:2700, Header Version:103
10:36:40 <Vafa> With this, Gnucash can download the account list as well as the transaction. The pin is Wellsfargo password
10:39:05 <Vafa> Also I received an email from Wellsfargo with this title of "ENROLLMENT IN QUICKBOOKS(R) OR QUICKEN(R) SERVICE"
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10:50:28 <Vafa> Since I was Quicken customer, the Wellsfargo digital team support were so willing to help. Even with their help took them a lot to setup a connection that work. I have to import an exported transaction file from my checking for Quicken to setup a connection and link it to account. I found the app settings in header of that exported file.
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10:53:58 <Vafa> Also The working Wellsfargo profile is the "Wells Fargo Bank (749)"
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11:18:45 <Vafa> By the way Gnucash is not easy to work with. I am struggling with fixing the balance difference and reconciling
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12:03:07 <warlord> Vafa, is it the starting balance that is off or the ending balance? If the starting balance, that means you somehow changed a previously-reconciled transaction. If it's the ending balance, that means you're missing something or typo'd something.
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12:04:52 <warlord> Vafa, I recommend putting that on the Wiki... Or trying to update OFXHome
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12:40:19 <chris> hmm ifrs-cost-basis.scm and assistant-stock-transaction.cpp should share the open/short/long-types lists...
12:41:37 <chris> ^ this was always the intention...
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13:08:24 <jralls> Vafa, the wiki page to update is https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings
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13:10:11 <jralls> warlord, the OFXHome guy has made it RO and intends to shut it down soon. I think he might be open to giving it to us if we asked nicely. Do you think we could host it on your or Linas's server?
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13:13:45 <jralls> Pegasus_RPG You're about to get banned for flooding.
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13:31:33 <warlord> jralls, I could probably host it. I don't recall what that entails.
13:33:50 <warlord> jralls, I think you banned a bit too much ;)
13:35:00 <jralls> Yeah, I don't do it often enough to remember so I google for it every time. The instructions I found this time said that everything after the nick went to a reason. That seems not to be correct.
13:45:51 <warlord> Oh well.
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13:47:15 <jralls> Thanks.
13:47:18 <warlord> NP
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17:36:58 <Vafa> Yes they are closed the forum. Why you guys don't upload the aqbanking on gitlab or github and use it for managing the development and also bug report and conversations? Forums are not efficient.
17:38:42 <Vafa> I mean with the owner permission. He is not maintaining it anymore?
17:47:50 <ArtGravity> aqbanking source is on Github under GPL, so no further permission should be needed to take over code maintenance as long as the license terms are followed.
18:22:45 <fell> Why forking aqbanking? It is a small, but active project with website, wiki …, but almost in German.
18:27:18 <fell> But I am also not really happy with the banking data maintenance there.
18:32:07 <fell> Vala, it is public: https://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2022/04/26.html#T10:27:21
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18:35:25 <fell> jralls, parag_puranik is right: flatpak search --arch i386 gnucash returns
18:35:26 <fell> Name Beschreibung Application ID Version Zweig Remotes
18:35:28 <fell> GnuCash Verwaltung der Finanzen von Privatanwendern und Kleinbetrieben. org.gnucash.GnuCash 3.7+ stable flathub
18:35:57 <jralls> Yeah, I said that in my last email on that thread.
18:38:19 <jralls> Probably because flathub is run by Red Hat folks and Fedora has dropped 32-bit.
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