r22559 - gnucash-docs/branches/2.4/help/C - [22554]Change wording on section Online Assistance

Geert Janssens gjanssens at code.gnucash.org
Sat Nov 17 12:47:14 EST 2012

Author: gjanssens
Date: 2012-11-17 12:47:14 -0500 (Sat, 17 Nov 2012)
New Revision: 22559
Trac: http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/changeset/22559

[22554]Change wording on section Online Assistance

Modified: gnucash-docs/branches/2.4/help/C/Help_ch_GettingHelp.xml
--- gnucash-docs/branches/2.4/help/C/Help_ch_GettingHelp.xml	2012-11-17 17:47:05 UTC (rev 22558)
+++ gnucash-docs/branches/2.4/help/C/Help_ch_GettingHelp.xml	2012-11-17 17:47:14 UTC (rev 22559)
@@ -113,9 +113,9 @@
    <sect1 id="on-line-assistance">
     <title><application>&app;</application> On-line Assistance</title>
-     <para>Quoting the Tip of the Day "The <application>&app;</application> developers are easy to contact."
-      <application>&app;</application> has several mailing lists;</para>
+    <para>There are several online channels you can access for more assistance.</para>
+    <para><application>&app;</application> has several mailing lists:
         <para><emphasis role='bold'>User List </emphasis>
@@ -128,12 +128,14 @@
          <email>gnucash-devel at gnucash.org</email> - Discussion of issues related to the design and development
          of <application>&app;</application> and submission of patches.</para>
+      </itemizedlist></para>
-       <listitem>
-        <para>You can chat live with the developers on IRC! Join them on #gnucash at irc.gnome.org.  Much more
-         at the <ulink url="http://www.gnucash.org"><application>&app;</application> web site </ulink> including links to WIKI and Bugzilla !!
-        </para>
-       </listitem>
-      </itemizedlist>
+      <para>Or you can chat live with the developers on IRC. 
+        Join them on #gnucash at irc.gnome.org.</para>
+      <para>The <ulink url="http://www.gnucash.org"><application>&app;</application> web site </ulink> 
+        has more details on these channels. You will also find pointers there
+        to additional useful resources such as the <application>&app;</application> wiki
+        and bug tracking system.</para>

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