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    Add news about maintenance on 1/22/17

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+<b>Maintenance:</b> GnuCash Server Maintenance scheduled Sunday, Jan 22, 1900Z</b>
+<h2>Maintenance Planned</h2>
+<p>This Sunday, January 22 at approximately 2pm US/EST (1900Z) we will be
+taking the current gnucash server,, offline in order to
+migrate its services to a new server on faster, more modern hardware.
+Considering MOST of the data has already been copied over we suspect the
+real downtime will be relatively short as only changes in the past week
+will need to get copied.</p>
+<p>During the time of the outage git, wiki, and email services will all be
+offline.  Email should get queued up properly so there shouldn't be any
+email loss.  But during the outage access to the wiki, email archives,
+and git commit services will be unavailable.  The services on will be unaffected.</p>
+<p>On Sunday we will make updates on IRC as I process the migration, and
+I'll send another email when I believe the new system is up and ready.
+We're expecting total downtime to be less than an hour.</p>
+<p>Further notification will occur after the maintenance is complete</p>

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