German Newssites with GnuCash-1.8 coverage (roundup)

Christian Stimming stimming at
Mit Feb 5 13:04:14 CST 2003

Stephan Budach wrote:

> Hello Christian,
> well, I have just sent a mail to and suggested that 
> they post a news article about GnuCash 1.8. I would suggest, that every 
> german user does so, maybe we can convince them of doing it anyway.

NO! Please do *not* do this! The journalists are not stupid, are they? 
They've received my press announcement. If they decided not to print it, 
it's their decision. Sending them a whole bunch of (in their eyes) junk 
messages will rather annoy them a lot with respect to GnuCash, but it 
won't change their decision a single bit. Please do *not* write any more 
messages about GnuCash to newstips at!