[Bug#179342: gnucash-hbci: Missing menuentries for HBCI-support]

Thomas Viehmann tv at beamnet.de
Fre Feb 14 10:14:23 CST 2003

Hi Christian,

> thanks for the proposed change below. It's good to see some more people from 
> Germany simly stepping in and submitting changes to the source code.
I'm not, really. I was just looking at the bugreport and thought it was courious.

> Sorry, but the problem is more difficult than that. In 
> src/gnome-utils/gnc-menu-extensions.c, you will see that in the 
> gnc_extensions_menu_setup I replaced the call to gnome_app_insert_menus by 
> gnucash's own version gnc_gnome_app_insert_menus, defined in the very same 
> file. The difference to the original version lies in the way how translations 
> of the menu entries (which may or may not have underscores) are handled. More 
> explanation in the source/header files. As you can see, the 
> gnc_extensions_menu_setup_with_data still uses the stock 
> gnome_app_insert_menus_with_data function. I believe the solution here is 
> that you would need a gnucash replacement for that function as well, with 
> exactly the same change in the way how translations are handled. I was just 
> too lazy to code that myself. Maybe you can give it a try.
Well, I derived my patch by grep'ing for other uses of gnc_add_c_extension (and
finding the qif import). That random people's patches shouldn't be expected to
work is understood.

I've copied gnc_gnome_app_insert_menus to *_with_data and replaced the
gnome_app_fill_menu with *_with_data. And made
gnc_extensions_menu_setup_with_data use this.
Didn't help, though.
I'm afraid that I don't understand the rationale of gnc-menu-extensions.c.


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