HBCI Advisory: Cancelled transfers might be sent twice (was: Re: HBCI issue)

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Don Feb 20 14:16:14 CST 2003

Problem: As Eildert pointed out a few minutes ago, the HBCI code in 
GnuCash under special circumstances may have the possibility of sending 
the same online transfer ("Überweisung") twice. This will happen if an 
online transfer has been correctly queued, i.e. the user pressed "Ok", 
BUT then the execution got cancelled due to a) chip card problems, b) 
cancelling of the PIN entry dialog. *IF* you invoke another HBCI action 
*during* that very same gnucash session, then in fact the queued 
transaction will be executed even though it looks like it has been 
cancelled. If gnucash is exited, the queued transaction will disappear 
since it is stored only in memory, and no cancelled transaction will 
appear as duplicate.

Workaround: If the execution of an online Transfer ("Einzelüberweisung") 
has been cancelled, e.g. due to chip card problems or cancelling the PIN 
entry dialog, you *must* *exit* GnuCash and *restart* it again *before* 
invoking any further HBCI actions.

Affected versions: This bug affects all versions of GnuCash with HBCI 
support, up to and including the current stable version 1.8.1.

Fix: This will be fixed by me tonight in gnucash CVS. The next stable 
version 1.8.2 which have this problem fixed is not yet scheduled for 
release, but this will probably take another 2-3 weeks.

Sorry for this problem.