[gnucash-de] QIF import crash

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Die Nov 21 09:36:37 EST 2006

Quoting Chris Shoemaker <c.shoemaker at cox.net>:

> This is a duplicate-case-label bug:  The offending cases are
> (case action-symbol
> ...
>     ((int intinc aktzu) ;; zinsen
>           'intinc)
> ...
>     ((shrsin aktzu)
>           'shrsin)
> I think it's the first one that should be removed.  IOW, I think
> "aktzu" means "an increase in the number of shares".
> Any comments from the Germans?

FYI, I already have this change in my source tree (but not committed).
This code has been here since 2001, so I suspect the problem is guile-1.8
being more strict about its case statements (which is why we're only
seeing the issue now).

I was waiting for a response from the user of one of the bugs on this topic
to let me know if removing the aktzu from line 222 of qif-parse.scm
fixed the problem..  I wasnted to make sure it worked before I committed.

> -chris


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