[gnucash-de] Unglückliche Übersetzung "Ausgleichskonto"? was: Default account counterpart

Frank H. Ellenberger f.ellenberger at online.de
Do Feb 19 11:03:42 EST 2009


Am Thursday 19 February 2009 09:37:36 schrieb Ulrike Fischer:
> Once because I edited a large split transactions and created through
> a typo an imbalance, once because I use "Aus:..." to create a new
> account in "Ausgaben" but got one in the imbalance account, which
> starts with "Aus" in german too.

I believe now to understand, what happened. It seems to be specific to the 
german translation. So I would suggest to continue this issue probably on the 
german list, as not all german translators follow the user list.

Entering "A:X" you expect, to select "Ausgaben:X" (expense:X). Normally this 
will happen. But if one split ended up in "Ausgleichskonto-EUR" 
(imbalance-EUR), "Ausgleichskonto" is selected instead of "Ausgaben" and a 
new subaccount X is created below "Ausgleichskonto". So can quickwriters end 
up with a full duplicate of their expense hierarchy below imbalanced.

So we should search a translation for imbalanced, which differs in the first 
letter from the other typical first level accounts.