Compiling Gnucash 1.5.0 under Helix Gnome

Arne Grimstrup
Wed, 2 Aug 2000 11:18:19 -0400

On Aug 02, 2000, Robert Graham Merkel ( wrote:

[the new bug report deleted]

> This means you need to install gtkhtml and gnome-print (and, if
> installing from packages, you need the corresponding -devel packages
> to build GnuCash).  gnome-print
> is available as an RPM from Helixcode, gtkhtml is also probably
> available by now from them (I'm not sure, though, you may have to download the
> tarball and compile it yourself).

As it turns out, I was missing the gnome-print-devel RPM, but I've
fixed that.  From looking at /usr/lib/, I'm pretty sure
my problems with gtkhtml probably due to other missing devel packages too.
>  > I'm afraid I don't know enough about autoconf/automake to determine
>  > where the problem is.
>  > 
> You don't need to know about autoconf and automake just to compile gnucash (though
> it certainly helps if something goes wrong).  These are simple missing
> libraries.  

What confused me was the fact that the libraries were available, but
the configure script wasn't finding them.  It makes perfect sense when
you understand gnome-config and the devel packages.
> BTW, if you're just looking for something that works rather than the
> very latest, you should probably use the 1.4.x series.  We use the
> Linux kernel version number scheme (even is stable, odd is
> development).  1.4.x requires neither gnome-print nor gtkhtml, and is
> available as an RPM from us or Helixcode.

I use 1.4.2 at home and am quite happy with it.  What I'd like to do
is help incorporate the loan and mortgage calculator functions into
Gnucash and they are only available in 1.5.x.  Once I can get 1.5.x to
build that is. 8)

[oddness in the] 
> This turned out to be a bug, but it doesn't look like it's related to
> your problem.

At least some good came of this.

Thanks for your help, Robert.


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