minor features

Ed Porras ep@telocity.com
Fri, 11 Aug 2000 01:21:22 -0400

I've been meaning to send something about this for a little while: the
new reconcile dialog shows the statement closing date (defaults to the
current date) and automatically pops up the transfer dialog for making
the payment..

regarding the first thing, could it be possible to store a date once
the user sets it for the first time? for example, my Discover
statement always closes on the 21st, so it would be nice if it would
remember that every month.. or at least select the date by a set of
rules (last day of month, etc)..

regarding the second, could this transaction dialog be made optional?
I've asked around and some people (including myself) like to reconcile
when we get the statement in the mail so we can make sure there are no
erroneous transactions, etc.. I realize, however, that not everyone is
anal retentive like that :)


 Ed Porras	ep@telocity.com