new text format for HTML files?

Yannick LE NY
Sun, 13 Aug 2000 22:04:52 +0000

Hello Dave,

Now, the english HTML files are in SGML.
For the next update for french HTML files, do you want it in SGML or in
For me translate the HTML files in french take a long time, if I need to
learn SGML
I need more time to release at the beginning these files but if it is
necessary, I learn it.
Because it will be a future standard(see below)

>DocBook/XML.  Dan's summary of the Documentation Summit is at

And I will need these packages below or others:

>And making that all work out normally requires three packages:
>   a) Jade/OpenJade
>   b) DocBook DTD
>   c) Norm Walsh's Modular Style Sheets
>which are all available in RPM and .deb form.

But how do you have transfer the HTML files in SGML files.
Is there any text editor for natural entry and output in SGML?


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