Types of reports required

Robert Graham Merkel rgmerk@mira.net
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 15:18:42 +1000 (EST)

Jason Rennie writes:
 > Am Son, 02 Jul 2000 schrieb Robert:
 > > * Tax-related transactions?  Basically
 > > just a transaction report with
 > > 	appropriate accounts selected.  Do we want to do this?  Not
 > > 	straight away, to be honest - too risky! 
 > Might it be worthwhile to have a property for each account that indicates 
 > whether or not the account is tax-related?  We might even want to make it 
 > specific to the acc. type.  i.e. if "Income" is chosen as the account 
 > type, show a checkbox that says "Taxable Income"?
Something like this, but even more flexible, is being developed by the
engine guys right now.

 > Am Son, 02 Jul 2000 schrieb Robert:
 > > *Investment Income Report - Dividends
 > > 	                   (taxable/non-taxable)
 > >  			  -Interest (taxable/non-taxable)
 > > 		          - capital gains
 > > 		           redistribution
 > > 			  - expenses.  
 > >                            - realized/unrealized
 > > 			    gain loss.   
 > poldiwinkler@ngi.de said:
 > > FIFO - first in, first out  - that should be the rule! 
 > You can't safely make that assumption.  U.S. taxes allow you to match up 
 > buys and sells to reduce gains (compared to what you would be paying with 
 > FIFO or some other simple algorithm).  Maybe we could allow the user to 
 > choose one of three or four cost basis calculation styles?
Actually, we're going to make it totally user specifiable, if they so
choose.  Some people need this flexibility to minimise tax.

 > Am Son, 02 Jul 2000 schrieb Robert:
 > > Instead, we need to give the ability for our 
 > > users to save report options.  As we already have global options 
 > > saving code, I can't see this being a huge problem.  In that way,  
 > > users can select the categories and dates that should be included in 
 > > the reports to make their own "tax reports" - or anything else.   
 > > To make this easier, we need to be able to specify dates in a relative
 > > manner, such as "this month" or "current accounting period". 
 > Yup.  We should definitely have something like this.  I'd suggest having
 > "Report Templates" (e.g. investment income, incompe/expense, budget,
 > etc.), "Reports" (report template coupled with user-specified options) and
 > "Statements" (equivalent to the papers the bank sends you every month).  
 > It would be good to make these distinctions and to allow Reports and 
 > Statements to be saved.  Report Templates would be built into GNUCash.
Agreed.  We already let you export the generated reports (they are
generated as HTML).

 > Am Son, 02 Jul 2000 schrieb Robert:
 > > The final issue I have is how we select which accounts are included in
 > > reports, and which are displayed explicitly and which are subsumed
 > > into the display of a parent account.
 > poldiwinkler@ngi.de said:
 > > Is it not possible to choose it in each "own report"? 
 > I agree with Poldi.  Make it specific to each report.
Yes, but we need a tree widget set up to make this kind of selection

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