Multiple currencies problems

Blaise Bourdin
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 00:27:44 -0700 (PDT)

Dear gnucash developers,

I have found a few bugs or glitches regarding multiple currencies in
GNU Cash 2.4.2 (recompiled from gnucash-1.4.2-1.src.rpm on a basic Red
Hat 6.2 system)

I have set the defalut currency to USD and I have accounts abd credit
cards both in USD and FRF.

If I try to import a QIF file from my French bank into a new account
and specify the currency for the new account to be FRF, it is created
in USD. If I try to import into an existing account in FRF, gnucash
crashes with the following messages

Error: xaccSplitRebalance: no common split currencies
Error: xaccSplitRebalance:      account=Unspecified currency=USD security=
Error: xaccSplitRebalance:      account=Société Générale Chèque currency=FRF security=
gnucash: Transaction.c:925: xaccSplitRebalance: Assertion `0' failed.

Here is a really simple QIF file that reproduces the problem (I guess
that it is quite basic)
PVIREMENT    134311
M*PRELEV 10   10072000 711955102 *110663        7119551 0700

Also, I have found a few issues (from a user standpoint)

I understand from a model or algorithmic stand point that every
account has to have a base currency. However it is quite uneasy to
write transaction in a currency that is not that of the account.  (For
these who have a Palm, the input form of MAM at is
much more flexible).

Also as far as I understand, one has to duplicate every non bank
account into each currency since one can not transfer from 2 accounts
with different base currencies. (A side effect is also that it doesn't
seem to be possible to make a transfer from a bank account in FRF to
another in USD)

It seems to me that only the bank and maybe stocks and mutual funds
accounts really need to have a base currency. Am I wrong?

Anyway, this is a very impressive piece of software.


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