Sun, 16 Jul 2000 18:56:53 -0400

I have been using a report I put together for use under gnucash (actually I
stole a lot from the other reports and Dave fixed my errors). I would like to
send it to gnucash for use by others if they want to. I haven't sent it before
this for two reasons:

1: It causes gnucash to crash on exit from the report - Dave said that that is
due to bugs in the gnome supporting s/w. Maybe under 1.5.0 it may not - I
haven't tried it yet. Also you probably would not want to post a report for
general use that crashes gnucash, even if the crash isn't gnucash's fault

2: I have not been able to immediately find any place to send the report source
to. The gnucash web site doesn't really give anyplace to send such a thing, the
gnucash documentation didn't seem to be real clear - it only says to contact
this mailing list - I'm now doing so. Advice please.