transaction record; jump to blank

Jason Rennie
Tue, 18 Jul 2000 08:29:42 -0400 said:
> But first, I need to know whether you mean the next blank split line
> in the transaction or the blank transaction at the bottom of the
> register?

GNUCash 1.4.2 moves to the next blank split line when I am in one of the 
multi-line modes and I hit 'Enter'.  I'd like 'Enter' to move me to the 
blank transaction at the bottom of the register.

My reasoning is that for most transactions, date, check#, desc., transfer,
credit and debit is plenty of information.  It's only on occasion that I
want to do a split or enter a memo.  Are your data entry habits similar,
or do you split/enter memos for a greater # of transactions?

Adding an option for this would be great.  Should we have a vote to
determine which would be the better default value? (jump to blank
transaction vs. jump to next blank split line)  It'd give us a chance to 
make use of the Sourceforge "polls" feature :)

Jason D Rennie
MIT:  (617) 253-5339
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