transaction record; jump to blank

Dave Peticolas
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 17:11:33 -0700

Jason Rennie writes:
> said:
> > But first, I need to know whether you mean the next blank split line
> > in the transaction or the blank transaction at the bottom of the
> > register?
> GNUCash 1.4.2 moves to the next blank split line when I am in one of the 
> multi-line modes and I hit 'Enter'.  I'd like 'Enter' to move me to the 
> blank transaction at the bottom of the register.

Ok, I've added an option for this into the development branch.
This option, when enabled, causes 'enter' to always jump to the
blank transaction.

> My reasoning is that for most transactions, date, check#, desc., transfer,
> credit and debit is plenty of information.  It's only on occasion that I
> want to do a split or enter a memo.  Are your data entry habits similar,
> or do you split/enter memos for a greater # of transactions?

My habits are similar, but I think I would find the jump to be
disconcerting, especially when I'm editing a transaction farther
up in the register.

> Adding an option for this would be great.  Should we have a vote to
> determine which would be the better default value? (jump to blank
> transaction vs. jump to next blank split line)  It'd give us a chance to 
> make use of the Sourceforge "polls" feature :)

Let's wait and have people use it first. It's hard to pick one when
you can only imagine the behavior. For now, I left the old behavior
as the default.