transaction record; jump to blank

Jason Rennie
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 21:59:07 -0400 said:
> Jason Rennie writes:
> > Anyway, I'd like to always be moved to the next blank after hitting
> > 'Enter'.  Is there a reason as to why hitting 'Enter' doesn't do this?
> There's no reason why we couldn't make that an option. I made it work
> the way it does now to behave approximately the way the Enter key
> works in text editing -- finish the current line and move to the next.

Hi Dave,

Sorry to keep bothering you about this, but I guess the meaning attached 
to a single key can be pretty important :)

I've been importing my past year's checking account records into GNUCash 
and have been finding that I don't always want "Enter" to correspond to 
"jump to blank".  Specifically, when the split line that I am editing has 
information in it (usually info that I just entered), I'd like to move to 
the next split line.  If I'm in the first line of the transaction or on a 
blank split line, I'd like "Enter" to send me to a new blank entry.

I know that you like it the way it is because it best reflects the user's 
intuition for what "Enter" should do.  I guess I'm of the opinion that 
the arrow keys should be what allow you to move up and down one line at 
a time and that "Enter" should reflect the notion, "I'm done entering 
data here, I'd like to enter some more data (I'd like to move to the next 
blank transaction/split line)."  At this point, I'm not asking that 
another option be added; rather, I'm hoping to spark some discussion...

Anyone else have opinions on this issue?  What do you want the "Enter" 
key to do?  What would be the most intuitive action to attach to the 
"Enter" key when you are entering transactions in the register window?

Jason D Rennie
MIT:  (617) 253-5339
MITRE: (781) 271-7249