transaction record; jump to blank

Dave Peticolas
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 23:07:15 -0700

Jason Rennie writes:
> said:
> > Jason Rennie writes:
> > > Anyway, I'd like to always be moved to the next blank after hitting
> > > 'Enter'.  Is there a reason as to why hitting 'Enter' doesn't do this?
> > 
> > There's no reason why we couldn't make that an option. I made it work
> > the way it does now to behave approximately the way the Enter key
> > works in text editing -- finish the current line and move to the next.
> Hi Dave,
> Sorry to keep bothering you about this, but I guess the meaning attached 
> to a single key can be pretty important :)
> I've been importing my past year's checking account records into GNUCash 
> and have been finding that I don't always want "Enter" to correspond to 
> "jump to blank".  Specifically, when the split line that I am editing has 
> information in it (usually info that I just entered), I'd like to move to 
> the next split line.  If I'm in the first line of the transaction or on a 
> blank split line, I'd like "Enter" to send me to a new blank entry.

I should mention that you can 'Tab' out of a split line to the next
split line. If you are in multi-line mode and you are entering the
blank split, when you tab out you will go to the new blank split.