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G'day Dave,

On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 03:16:55PM -0700, Dave Peticolas wrote:
> Hi Paul, I just noticed you released Finance::Quote 1.0, congratulations!


> I also noticed you now do currency quotes (drool). Any chance we can roll
> the new Quote module into the 1.5 series of GnuCash?

I'm quite certain that we can, and I've been meaning to write to the
gnucash-devel list about the best way to do this.  (I've CC:ed this
to the list, I trust you do not mind.)

Adding support for looking up foreign stocks in local currency
should be easy to add to gnc-prices, and is the most obvious

I take it that we also want to allow people to show their foreign
currency accounts in local currency as well.  At the moment this
should already be possible by using a special symbol (eg, "AUDUSD=3DX")
and selecting Yahoo as the source of quotes, but that's not
at all intuitive.  This shouldn't be difficult to rectify.

My main problem with how quotes are handled in GnuCash is that
we have to call a separate external script (gnc-prices or
equiv) to get the information.  It would be much much nicer
to simply select a button in GnuCash and have it run the update.
This should certainly be possible (one can call from perl from C,
and vice-versa), but I'm going to have to brush up on some of my
perl/XSUB knowledge first.

I guess this means that immediate goals are:
	* Integrate Finance::Quote 1.00 into GnuCash.
	* Extend/Replace the list of quote sources to take advantage of
	  failover features provided by Finance::Quote.
	* Improve gnc-prices to show foreign shares in local currency.
	* Improve gnc-prices to show foreign currency in local currency.

Are there any others that people can think of?

I'm happy to work on all the immediate goals above.



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