Remarks on GnuCash 1.4.1 (fwd)

Volker Stuerzl
Thu, 20 Jul 2000 22:07:45 +0200

Hello Paul,

Paul Fenwick wrote:
> > > 5. For european users it would be nice to have a source for prices of
> > > mutual funds in EUR. For stocks Yahoo Europe works just fine.
> Do you mean you wish to be able to fetch mutual funds like those
> offered by Fidelity in Euros, or are there specific funds that
> are not yet available through GnuCash's sources?
> If it's the first, then expect this functionality real-soon-now.
> If it's the second, then I'd appreciate knowing which funds you're
> interested in, and they might get added in a future release.

I'm especially interested in german funds (DIT, DWS, ...), I don't know
if they are offered by Fidelity.

Volker Stürzl