Bulk transaction mover (was: question about importing .qif files)

Glen Ditchfield gjditchfield@acm.org
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 11:23:01 -0500

On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Eric Mitchell wrote:
> ...  The problem is that the bank does not have
> sufficient data to specify a category on my transactions.  However,
> for the most part there's a 1-to-1 mapping from payee to category.
> For example, everything I pay to Petsmart gets filed under "Pets."
> 7-ELEVEN is a special case where it could be going to the "Gas" or 
> the "Junk Food" categories.  If there were a way to configure filing 
> transactions similar to the Netscape Mail filter, I think that would 
> be quite usable.  The filter works on "any/all conditions" "more/fewer":
> "select list of fields" "matches/doesn't" "pattern", "action".  This 
> logic is a million times easier to understand than, say, procmail.  Not 
> nearly as powerful, but for filing mailing list messages in different 
> folders, a pattern similar to this one, it's sufficient.

This sounds like a restricted sort of "find and replace" operation.  It would
be a handy thing to have on its own, not just as a part of a QIF importer. 
Some day I may want to go into "expenses:misc" and move all of the transactions
with "Library" memos to a new "library fines" account.