Bulk transaction mover (was: question about importing .qif files)

Bill Gribble grib@billgribble.com
24 Jul 2000 11:53:36 -0500

Glen Ditchfield <gjditchfield@acm.org> writes:
> This sounds like a restricted sort of "find and replace" operation.
> It would be a handy thing to have on its own, not just as a part of
> a QIF importer.  Some day I may want to go into "expenses:misc" and
> move all of the transactions with "Library" memos to a new "library
> fines" account.

Absolutely.  That's why I implemented the Find Transactions dialog;
it's intended to be the first half of the find-and-replace operation.
We will need this functionality for a lot of reasons in the future;
not the least is user education.  If you suddenly go up a notch in the
sophistication of your recordkeeping (for example, making a new
account for a payee that you previously put in a more general account)
you need a way to move your old records to the new strategy

There are a few more features needed in the Query API and in the
register GUI to make the search half completely right (you need to be
able to select a single transaction in the search results and say "not
that one", or find a transaction in another register and say "add this
one to the search results") but it's getting there.  The Replace half
isn't implemented at all, because I couldn't even begin to visualize a
meaningful GUI that was expressive enough.  

Any ideas?  The best I could come up with is a family of dialogs for
common bulk-transform problems, stuff like "move field info to a
different field", "move all transactions to a new account", etc.