Bulk transaction mover (was: question about importing .qif files)

Jason Rennie jrennie@ai.mit.edu
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 23:46:47 -0400

gjditchfield@acm.org said:
> This sounds like a restricted sort of "find and replace" operation.
> It would be a handy thing to have on its own, not just as a part of a
> QIF importer.  Some day I may want to go into "expenses:misc" and move
> all of the transactions with "Library" memos to a new "library fines"
> account. 

I'd definitely like to see more ways to move/edit large numbers of
transactions.  e.g. split transactions from one account into two based on
memo and/or description fields, move a top-level account to be a 
sub-account of another account, un-reconcile all transactions before
MM/DD/YY, move all transactions in this account to another account, etc.

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