Tools for the HTML manuals

Robert Graham Merkel
Sat, 29 Jul 2000 00:40:25 +1000 (EST)

Richard Wackerbarth writes:
 > On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, Robert Graham Merkel wrote:
 > >  > - If only SGML, then that forces anyone that gets a CVS archive
 > >  > to add yet another component to those that they install.
 > >
 > > And the people who will scream most loudly are those who are trying to
 > > build gnucash on anything other than Linux or *BSD, as they will
 > > probably have to build those components themselves.
 > >
 > > While I would prefer to have only SGML in the source tree, I suspect
 > > we may have to live with both.
 > I think that it is a mistake to have ANY derived files in the master CVS tree.
 > Each derived file should be represented only by the files that are needed to 
 > generate it.
 > That said, I have no problem with the idea of providing a second CVS-style 
 > tree of derived files for the benefit of those who do not wish to run the 
 > full generation themselves.

Maybe what we need is to have the derived HTML files in releases, but
only the source SGML in the CVS tree.  That way, people who just wish to
build GnuCash don't need the Jade tools, but we keep the CVS archive
nice and pure :)

I just know all the developers are extremely cuaitous  about adding
more dependancies, as every dependancy we add causes at least 20 mails
from people who haven't installed it and wonder why GnuCash won't
build :(

Robert Merkel