Helix GnuCash 1.4.2

linas@linas.org linas@linas.org
Sun, 30 Jul 2000 18:33:33 -0500 (CDT)

It's been rumoured that Dirk Koopman said:
> On Sun, 30 Jul 2000, you wrote:
> > It's been rumoured that Dirk Koopman said:
> > 
> > > Where is the United Kingdom Pound (or indeed the Great Britain Pound) one ot
> > > other of  these ISO code would be nice (UKP or GBP)
> > 
> > Not sure I understand what you're asking; if you have the british
> > locales set up, then the currency should default appropriately ...
> > 
> If I select an new account, the one currency I want is UKP (or GBP), it
> offers everything EXCEPT UKP and defaults as USD.

?  I still don't entirely understand.  The pull-down menu lists
'British Pound (GBP)'.    Are you saying that you want a second 
menu entry 'British Pound (UKP)' ?

Or are you saying that we need to have a second & third menu entry 
alphabetically under 'Great' and 'United'?

You are free to type in any three-letter value that you wish; you are
not limited to the menu.

> My locale is set:-
> [djk@dirk2 perl]$ locale

POSIX is a kind of synonym for 'US', which is why gnucash is defaulting
to dollars.  You might try a locale of 'En_GB' and all that to get the 
currency symbols, dates, etc. to come out correctly.

> which may be another problem, but it doesn't explain why UKP is left out of
> the currency list.

As far as I know, the ISO 4216 standard only lists one currency for
england, not two.  If UKP is common usage, I suppose that can be added. 
(you are already free to type it in by hand).   Note that if you create
one bank account denominated in GBP and another in UKP, you won't be
able to tranfer funds between them, since gnucash wil assume that they
are different, unrelated currencies.