GnuCash 1.4.2-0_helix_1

Jerry VB
Sun, 30 Jul 2000 22:05:38 -0700

Thank you for your help. Here is the output from 'gnucash' at the
command line:

It appears you do not have the 'slib' scheme library installed. You need
slib2c4 or later to run GnuCash.  Obtain slib at:  If you have slib
installed, you may need to create a symbolic link named 'slib' from the
guile directory (usually /usr/share/guile) to the directory where slib
is installed.  You may also need to run the following command as
root:    guile -c "(use-modules (ice-9 slib)) (require 'new-catalog)" 

I have not gone after SLIB yet. Is it a straight forward install?


Robert Graham Merkel wrote:
> Jerry VB writes:
>  > Hello,
>  >
>  > I am new to this list, so forgive me if this is an old topic. I am using
>  > SuSE 6.4 with KDE 1.1.2. I found GnuCash 1.4.2-0_helix_1 for SuSE 6.4 on
>  > RPM Find. It installed with Kpackage without any dependency problems. I
>  > also upgraded gnlibs to 1.2.4-0_helix_1 but that didn't help.
>  >
>  > Problem is I can't get GnuCash to start up. What else do I need?
> GnuCash, while it happily coexists with KDE programs, is a gnome
> application.  The the things that do affect GnuCash are:
> * your gnome/gtk+/glib setup
> * your installation of guile and slib
> * your perl setup (if you're using the stock price fetcher)
> * the setup of your build system (automake/autoconf/gcc/make etc),
> as well as swig and g-wrap, if you build gnucash yourself.
> The more information you provide, the easier it is to help.
> We need more information to be able to help.  What error messages, if
> any, do you get when starting gnucash from the command line?
> Oh, and one other thing.  It may well be that the problem turns out to
> be a packaging bug.  It may be easier to report the problem to
> Helixcode, rather than to us.
> Anyway, the first thing to do is run gnucash from the command line and
> report back what error messages, if any, you get.
> HTH.
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> Robert Merkel                    
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