Trial Balloon: A new DataStore Architecture?

Timothy Reaves
Wed, 01 Nov 2000 12:23:00 -0500

    Please have a look at GOODS.  We are currently using it for many
projects, and even employing the author to improve the product to meet
needs we have, while returning those changes to the open source

    GOODS is a fully distributed, transactional, Object Oriented database
that can be used in an embedded mode.  CallBacks are supported. It is
available for C++, Java, and even perl.  XML overlays are supported as
well.   Backing up and restoring are there as well.  I think it would be
perfect for GNUCash!

    And it's free, of course!

    Look at the authors home page as well.  He has written several
different databases, for several different languages, both OO & flat.

Derek Atkins wrote:

> I've been thinking about the Disk-File vs. Database arguments for a
> while, and I think there are some broader architectural changes to the
> current datastore model that would need to be made before any kind of
> multi-access could be implemented.  My thesis is that if we can move
> to a more "object-oriented" data storage model, it would make it
> easier to add new distributed functionality such as database storage
> or even a client/server network-protocol system.